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Beauty and the Stress: Fight aging before it begins

Life is fun, busy, hectic and, often, more that a little stressful. Unfortunately, stress can suck the life out of your skin and cause early signs of aging such as:

  1. dull complexion
  2. fine lines
  3. uneven skin tone.

So what’s a girl to do? Fight back and start early. Don’t wait for those first signs of aging to appear. Introducing Flawless Future , an advanced, age-prevention skin care system powered by Ceramide. It keeps your skin looking stress free even when your life isn’t.

Google “ceramides” and you’ll see that they’re a crucial source for maintaining youthful looking skin. They’re the essential lipids that hold your skin cell together.

Unfortunately, ceramides decrease pretty dramatically with age starting in our late 20’s and early 30’s. Throw in the stress-induced impact on the DNA of our white blood cells and the shortening of telomeres and you’ve got cells that can no longer divide and die sooner. Not good. Looks bad, too.

There is good news, though. At Elizabeth Arden, we not only have unassailable expertise in ceramides, but we combine that with over 100 years of spa science that’s totally focused on helping your skin look its best and healthiest.

Using this expertise, we combine the benefits of Ceramides with a protective protein complex and powerful skin brighteners to intercept those first signs of aging before they have a chance to bum you out.

The result? A skin care line that gave 100% of users a noticeable improvement in their skin.*

It’s a simple, 3-step regimen that will repay the few moments you spend on it with a lifetime of great, smooth skin. No matter what stresses life throws at you.

Here’s the winning line up:

Flawless Future Caplet Serum

Serum is serious stuff and this one fights stress and aging three ways:

  1. A Ceramide blend helps restore the protective barrier of your skin
  2. A Protective Protein Complex slows down the onset of aging due to a hectic stressful lifestyle
  3. Skin Brighteners and Pore Refiners such as Licorice extract Improve skin tone and the appearance of pores

Smooth this serum on to clean skin, wait a minute or two, then moisturize (add SPF during the day) and finish with your routine.

Flawless Future Moisture Cream SPF 30 and Non SPF

This lightweight daily moisture cream hydrates and immediately brightens skin as it helps smooth the look of pores and minimize the appearance of discolorations

You’ll love how it leaves your skin looking revitalized, supple, and more evenly toned.

Smooth this on after your serum for best results.

Flawless Finish Eye Gel

Eyes often show signs of stress first, so it’s important to start treating this delicate area with care early in life. This luxurious eye gel instantly brightens as it fights the appearance of stress and fatigue around the eyes. Reinforces skin in the delicate eye area to reduce the look of existing fine lines, puffiness and dark circles.

Apply gently around the eye area starting at the outside corner. Feel that bone? Follow it down and towards the inside corner of your eye, gently tapping in the gel with your fingertips until you reach your nose. (Don’t get gel in the inside corner of your eye)

Got it? You’re Flawless. Now get out there and look great no matter how stressful life gets.

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