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Behind Red Door 25: A Classic Story

Behind Red Door 25: A Classic Story

“In as much as women evolve, they also stay the same. Change is a process
of re-visiting who you are – acknowledging your core essence while celebrating the
parts which are new".

Carlos Benaïm, Master Perfumer and
creator of Red Door in 1989 and Red Door 25 in 2014

Celebrations are rarely about one moment in time. Instead they are an acknowledgement of past success and a look forward into what will be. So it is as Elizabeth Arden celebrates the 25th Anniversary of its phenomenally popular, award-winning and classic fragrance, Red Door.

Because Red Door is a brand that is still growing even at 25 years – in fact it has become a visual and aromatic symbol of the Elizabeth Arden’s heritage – the creator of Red Door 25 sought to build on what was loved about the original scent while looking to the modern woman for inspiration.


When we asked Carlos how he created Red Door 25, his answer was so concise we could practically smell it.

“Looking at the original scent, I am inspired to build upon the richness of the Honey & Sandalwood duo with a more addictive, slightly gourmand quality. When I saw the new color of the bottle, I also immediately knew what ingredients to use for the top note!  My obsession with red fruits (raspberry, cassis, blackberry) is going to be translated into a red fruity thread for a more youthful expression of the brand”.

Sure to become a classic in its own right, the Red Door 25 limited edition packaging ties to the look and feel of Red Door Classic but has a definitively more modern feel.

The bottle features an updated Red Door 6-panel design with a more prominent deco of the brand logo. A sheer lucite-like cap with a gold plate tops off the bottle to give it a more contemporary look. The carton is a collectible keepsake set top box featuring the Red Door 25 name.

Join the celebration by snatching up your own Limited Edition Red Door 25 Eau de Parfum today.

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