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Get ready for Summer

Gorgeous, sunny days and languid nights. You’re probably more than ready to say hello to summer. But chances are that after a long, hard winter your skin could use a little preparation.

Make the most out of the season of ‘fun in the sun’ by following a few simple practices.

PREP: Nothing gets skin ready for a warm weather make-over like a gentle yet thorough exfoliation. Picture the dull, flaky skin of winter sloughing away to reveal your fresh, smooth summer skin. For your face, Ceramide Line Smoothing Exfoliator or Visible Difference Peel & Reveal Revitalizing Mask are both customer favorites.

Got an extra five minutes? Customers tell us this our Ceramide Boosting 5-Minute Facial is the perfect skin “pick-me-up” for special occasions or a once weekly treat.

PROTECT: Can we ever say this word enough? Protecting your skin from the sun and other environmental stresses is key to having healthy, youthful-looking skin. Learn more about Idebenone.

If you'd rather act than read, stock up on some of these high-protection faves. They don't just fight the elements with a great SPF, they unleash the power of Idebenone, the world's most powerful antioxidant. You'll want to make sure to give extra attention to the delicate skin around your eyes, too. Below are some products to protect your skin:

PERFECT: Perfecting your skin means nourishing it as well as protecting it. The following are great suggestions to apply under your makeup and/or sunscreen to give your skin the nourishment (and yes, even some extra protection) it craves this time of year. Below are some products to perfect your skin:

PAMPER: Don't forget your body. Indulge yourself and your skin all the way to your toes. As we peel off the sweaters and heavy clothes of winter, you want the skin on shoulders, hands, and legs to look soft, hydrated and revitalized. Our ritual for Sumer skin always includes these classics:

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