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For over 100 years, our experience in spa science has allowed us to help women with oily skin achieve the moisture balance they need for beautiful skin.  This oil-free line helps stave off shine, effectively mattifying skin and minimizing the appearance of pores without dryness or irritation. Our most popular cleansing routine - Visible Difference Oil-Free Cleanser & Oil-Free Toner Set includes:

Visible Difference Oil-Free Cleanser Oily skin demands thorough cleansing without being dried out. We’ve combined a proven blend of botanical extracts, witch hazel and glycerin to create a perfectly balanced cleanser that’s effective yet mild. Our hardworking, oil-free foaming cleanser helps minimize the look of pores while providing optimum hydration (yes, even oily skin needs some) and leaves your skin feeling clean, energized and glowing. Dermatologist and clinically tested. Non-comedogenic.

Visible Difference Oil-Free Toner If you have oily skin, this great toner is a key step in your daily regimen because it helps absorb excess oil and relieve clogged pores. Better still, it gets the job done without stripping vital moisture so skin is left feeling deeply clean with a matte finish.  Our unique formula works over time to help intercept oily skin problems for visibly clearer skin.   Oil-free, dermatologist tested, allergy tested and non-acnegenic.

JUST IN! Real Simple Magazine picked our very own Visible Difference Oil-Free Toner as BEST TONER to get rid of excess facial oil (without leaving skin taut or too dry.)

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Visible Difference Oil-Free Cleanser & Toner Set, $34.50 (a $40.00 value)

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Transform your skin fast. Minimize the look of pores, reduce shine and leave skin super-primed for a next layer of pampering.

Visible Difference Oil-Free Cleanser
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If your skin is oily, it can be a challenge to cleanse and minimize shine without causing irritation and dryness. We’ve used years of research to create an oil-free foaming cleanser that’s wonderfully effective yet mild and soothing.

Size: 4.2 fl. oz.
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