Studies Show:

  • 83% felt that skin appeared more even.*
  • 81% saw an improvement in tone.**
  • *Based on a 12 week US consumer study of 110 women between the ages of 25-55.
  • **Based on an 8 week US consumer study of 110 women between the ages of 25-55.

What's aging your skin?

>80% of all signs of skin aging are due to environmental aggressors such as UV rays, pollution and smoke. *

Outsmart Pollution

Recent studies reveal air pollution is directly correlated to a rise in dark spots, inflammation, fine lines and wrinkles.** PREVAGE® City Smart protects against pollution with Anti-Pollution Shield Technology and a patent-pending highly potent Anti-Pollution Complex featuring Idebenone.

Outsmart The Sun

Sun exposure is well known to be a major cause of visible skin aging. PREVAGE® City Smart defends against UVA and UVB rays with a 100% Mineral Broad Spectrum SPF50 Sunscreen.

Outsmart Visible Aging

While cells naturally produce DNA repair enzymes that help counteract damage, as we age the levels of these enzymes drop, making the process less effective. PREVAGE® City Smart strengthens skin’s natural defenses with a DNA Enzyme Complex™.

*Skin aging and its treatment, L. Bauman, Journal of Pathology, 2007.

**Andrea Vierkotter, Tamara Schikowski, Ulrich Ranft, Dorothea Sugiri, Mary Matsui, Ursula Kramer, and Jean Krutmann. Airborne Particle Exposure and Extrinsic Skin Aging. Journal of Investigative Dermatology, 2010; 130: 2719-2726