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“Stay out of the Sun” Day

Some like it hot. And summer is definitely the season when fun and sun go hand in hand. But right now, while the sun is at its brightest and most intense, it’s a good time to seek more shady adventures and give your skin a cooling respite from nature’s most viscous force of premature aging: the sun.

Of course, the sun is by no means our skin’s only enemy. Pollution and even stress also make it vulnerable to highly destructive molecules called free-radicals. Free radicals wreak havoc on skin, damaging DNA, proteins (like collagen and elastin) and lipids (like the ceramides your skin needs), causing premature wrinkles, age spots, and discoloration.

So what’s a girl to do against such a constant assault? PREVAGE® Triple Defense Shield Broad Spectrum Suncreen protects against the big three: oxidative stress from sun, pollution, and Infrared-A exposure. This award winner with SPF 50 for face offers advanced Idebenone technology and Thiotaine that also help deliver triple environmental protection and kick-start wrinkle renovation.

If you’re already a fan of our PREVAGE® line, you know that Idebenone is a funny name for the most powerful antioxidant available and the only anti-oxidant proven to defend your skin against three types of free-radical assaults. Compared to the anti-oxidants found in other skin care products (Vitamin E, kinetin, Vitamin C, CoQ10, and alpha-lipoic acid), Idebenone was found to be the most effective ingredient with an Environmental Protection Factor of 95 out of 100.

So even if you’re not in the shade, your skin is getting some of the best protection under the sun.

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