Five Steps to Fuller Lips

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Five steps to Fuller Lips

Learn How To Get Fuller Lips - Tips For Full Lips

Get fuller, younger-looking lips in a New York minute. Our resident makeup artist shares 5 easy tips to make the process as smooth as your lovely lips are about to look.

Lipstick Shades of Color

1 Erase what doesn’t work.
Not happy with your existing lip line? Erase it with a smidge of concealer or foundation and give yourself a fresh canvas for new lips.

2 Color slightly outside the lines.
Next, use a natural, neutral-colored lip pencil and draw a line slightly above your top lip and slightly below your bottom lip. Don’t exaggerate; you just want to create a little bit fuller lip.

3 Fill in for fullness.
Use the same lip liner to fill in color everywhere EXCEPT for the very center of your upper and lower lips.

4 Create a visual effect.
Use a dab of concealer in the center of upper and lower lips before applying lipstick. This makes the center of your lips lighter, which makes them look fuller.

5 Finish strong with gloss.
Start at the center of the lips (can you tell this area is important?) and apply a light, shimmery lip gloss and blend it outwards. The reflected light helps lips appear even fuller.

Now smile! Or pucker up. You and your lips are a thing of beauty.