Your Makeup Personality

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Your Makeup Personality

Makeup Personality - How to Choose The Right Makeup Style

Some people choose to wear makeup to enhance their best feature. Others may use it to help camouflage minor skin discolorations or blemishes. Still others simply have fun playing with color, enjoying experimenting with makeup's ability to transform.

So, what's your "makeup personality"? Is it minimalist? Confident? Or daring?

Answer three quick questions to find out.

Makeup Personality Quiz

Question  1:
How much time do you spend applying makeup in the morning?
A. 0 – 5 minutes
B. 5 – 15 minutes
C. 15 minutes +

Question  2:
How many products do you use to achieve your look?
A. 0 – 4
B. 4 – 10
C. 10+

Question  3:
What is the overall effect you hope to achieve by wearing makeup?
A. Cover minor imperfections, but look completely natural.
B. Enhance some of my favorite features and look polished and put together.
C. Create a little drama, really playing up the eyes, lips, cheeks, or all three!

Mostly A'sMinimalist

Makeup is not a driving passion in your life. For you, it's all about simplicity. You like foundation to even out your skin tone, maybe a little bronzer for color, or a sheer gloss. You hate looking fussy or overdone. In fact, you are likely to forgo makeup altogether on the weekends or on days when you know you are not likely to run into people.

Mostly B'sConfident

Too little is not enough, but too much is over doing it. Makeup is part of your everyday routine and you wear it to enhance and define your look. You appreciate learning new techniques and are likely to have more than one lipstick or lip gloss in your handbag. You don't necessarily want to look made up – you just want to look good. Most women fall into this category.

Mostly C'sDaring

You love the transformative power of makeup. In your world, makeup is a means of expression. You're not afraid to experiment with color and enjoy trying the latest makeup trends. A dramatic, rule defying look is fun for added impact. In general, you want to learn more, and it's all about the artistry of makeup.

Now that you know your makeup personality, go have some fun with it. Embrace it.