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Helping Cancer patients feel better is more than skin deep

At Elizabeth Arden, we’re honored to work with LOOK GOOD FEEL BETTER, a national service program dedicated to helping women with cancer cope with the appearance-related side effects of their illness and treatment.

This year, as LOOK GOOD FEEL BETTER hits their 25th anniversary, we at Elizabeth Arden took some time to reflect on the impact cancer is having and the ways we can help make a difference. In 2014 alone, an estimated 810,320 women will be diagnosed with cancer in the U.S. The effect the disease and the treatments can have on a woman’s appearance adds greatly to the emotional toll of the illness. During this difficult battle women often struggle to “look and feel like myself again.” Seeing a face in the mirror that looks healthy and familiar can boost confidence, stamina and resolve. It is definitely a situation in which beauty become much more than skin deep.

This year, Elizabeth Arden is helping to boost awareness of LOOK GOOD FEEL BETTER so that their work can help more women. On April 28 – May 2, LOOK GOOD FEEL BETTER celebrates Look Good Feel Better Week.

If we all reach out together we can help empower, inspire and improve lives of women.

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