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The Fragrances of Spring

The first days of Spring carry the promise of change on their soft breezes. We find ourselves dreaming bigger, craving more adventure and shedding our worn winter ways and wardrobe. And just as we clean our closets of dark sweaters and heavy coats to be replaced with brighter, airier linens and cottons, so it is time to find a new fragrance to signal to all our senses that a new season is here.

Few things can more quickly change a mood than a fragrance, so it’s no wonder that the giddiness of Spring might leave us craving a lighter scent or more effervescence, or maybe the sweetness of fresh blooms.

Ready to follow your nose to a new season? Or a new you? Here’s a short list of fragrances to consider.


A luxurious and modern floral composition, UNTOLD celebrates the sophistication and intrigue of the multi-faceted modern woman. From her vibrant optimism and refined femininity to her mysterious aura and magnetic sensuality, UNTOLD takes you on a journey through the many facets that together, make her genuinely beautiful. With its sparkling and fruity introduction, radiant floral heart and mysterious addictive warmth, UNTOLD captures all that a woman is.

Green Tea Scent Spray

An energizing, refreshing and uplifting fragrance, Green Tea Scent Spray is a favorite for Spring and Summer. From a lush, green world of freshness, this energizes the body, excites the senses and invigorates the spirit.

Green Tea Yuzu Eau de Toilette Spray

Our new fragrance is sparkling, uplifting and feminine. Sounds perfect for Spring doesn’t it? Originating in East Asia, Yuzu, is a Japanese citrus fruit known for its fragrant rind. A fragrance of uplifting beauty, Green Tea Yuzu mesmerizes the wearer through its golden aura. Bright notes of yuzu zest, sheer bergamot, and sparkling lemon combine with an ethereal wave of green tea vapor, adding a refreshingly pure energy to the fragrance.

Green Tea Cherry Blossom Eau de Toilette Spray

There’s nothing like the ethereal, fresh, feminine fragrance of Green Tea Cherry Blossom to welcome Spring. You’ll love the sparkling femininity of delicate pink petals combined with the lush freshness of green tea leaves. 


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