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Beauty News

The Future Is Bright: Color Trend for Spring 2014

Chances are that by now you are more than ready to ditch black and lighten up for Spring. Now’s the time to go for it, and the Spring 2014 Color Trends will make the transition a sugary sweet experience. (We mean that in the best way.)

The experts say that designers are taking a modern twist on the traditional this spring by pairing soft pastels with vivid brights and even black and white to create a colorful equilibrium. So, let yourself get inspired by a mixture of blooming flowers and be confident using color to refresh and revive your self. Who could resist after the winter we’ve all endured, right?

We particularly love the blues and greens of the Spring 2014 Color Palette. Start thinking of blue as your new black and have fun pairing 2014’s yummy shades of green with silver and sand. Or almost any of the other colors in this freeing collection. Did we mention that icy pastels and hints of pink are also in the mix? The opportunity for some truly fresh color combos are enticing.

But, as you clean out your closet, don’t forget to change up your makeup palette, too.


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