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suffragettes Marching on 5th Avenue

Inspired by our history.
Empowering women today.

In 1912, Elizabeth Arden marched down Fifth Avenue in support of women's right to vote, and handed out red lipstick to suffragettes as a symbol of solidarity.

Today, we're proudly marching on in our founder's footsteps by partnering with

I am a voter

This nonpartisan movement aims to create a cultural shift around voting and civic engagement by unifying around a central truth: Our democracy works best when we all participate.

A woman.
A founder.
A visionary.

Our founder Elizabeth Arden revolutionized the life of women around the world with her vision of beauty and wellness. Over 110 years ago, Ms. Arden opened her first salon on Fifth especially remarkable feat as women didn't have the right to vote. She built her business from the ground up, dedicated to helping women feel good and look good.

It is remarkable what a woman can achieve with just a little ambition

Together we
March On

Our brand was created by a woman, for women - and is now part of the only beauty conglomerate in the world led by a woman. Today, we continue to uphold our founder's legacy and dedication to empowering women.

Let's keep marching on together.

Marilyn Monroe in front of the Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa