Key Notes- Top Mandarin Oil* Italy Orpur®, Heart Pink Gardenia Petals, Base White Patchouli & Sandalwood. Mandarin Oil Italy Orpur is an ingredient that is sourced sustainably at origin in Calabria and Sicily.
Olfactory: Floral, Musky
Mood: Fun, romantic and modern
Romance on the rise
5th Avenue NYC Love Eau De Parfum Spray

5th Avenue NYC Love Eau De Parfum Spray

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5th Avenue NYC Love layers a bouquet of peony, orange blossom and gardenia over notes of sandalwood and patchouli. With a hint of green pear and mandarin oil, it’s a beautifully enveloping scent that channels exhilarating love. Mood: Fun, Romantic and Modern Olfactive Territory: Floral. Musky. Creamy

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From Elizabeth Arden, the creator several iconic and bestselling fragrance collections, new 5th AVENUE NYC LOVE Eau de Parfum blooms with soft pink peony, bright orange blossom and pink gardenia petals. Creamy, musky notes of sandalwood and white patchouli mellow the bouquet and anchor the hint of sparkling green pear and mandarin oil. A beautifully enveloping scent, it channels the passion of an exhilarating love.

Key Ingredients

Top Notes

Mandarin Oil1 Italy Orpur®

Middle Notes

Pink Gardenia Petals

Base Notes

White Patchouli & Sandalwood

Application and Use

  1. 1Mandarin Oil Italy Orpur® is an ingredient that is sourced sustainably at origin in a plantation of mandarin trees concentrated in Calabria and Sicily. The production of mandarin involves thousands of farmers in Italy. They pick the fruit and sell it to small processing companies, cooperatives, and producers who transform the peel into essential oil, according to strict standards for quality.

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